1) Replacement

www.Techshark.pk is one of the top Online Stores of Pakistan. The thing that matters to Techshark.pk the most is its clients. The customer support service is ready to receive your response and respond to your questions. Customers can quickly contact Techshark via calls, emails, and online support or just drop us a message on Instagram or Facebook. You can contact Techshark.pk for any further details on Whatsapp also.

All the products that we import are completely inspected and examined by the Quality Control Department before they leave the warehouse so that the delivered products are damage free, function properly, and are of high-quality. If anyhow a client faces a problem with the specifications of the product, manufacturing defects or any other issue with the product, then you can avail the SEVEN days replacement policy always. There are some rules that you have to keep in mind and follow:

You cannot return or exchange your goods bought from Techsharks shop or website IF the product is not suffering from the below-mentioned issues because Techshark.pk does not take responsibility for any other matter.

If a laptop or any other product has any sort of physical damage or any type of physical issue then you MUST notify and inform us about the problem on the same day of shipment to get a replacement. The purchaser MUST contact and talk to the concerned unit about the problem the same day for a replacement. Otherwise, Techshark.pk won’t take any responsibility. Inform us IMMEDIATELY.

The defective, incomplete, damaged or broken product will ONLY be exchanged with the product having the corresponding Model Number and Specifications. Techshark.pk is not responsible for exchanging your product for any other product. Techshark is professionally associated with Multiple Cargo Companies; they deliver all our products.

Some Laptops may show fewer warranties due to the time spent on transportation and sold laptop will not be refunded or replaced because of this reason. Techshark.pk does not take any responsibility for this issue.

If the product is broken through misapplication, the shopper cannot claim a replacement warranty.

If unfortunately a customer receives different product or with different specifications as listed at our website and wants to replace it within Seven days, then shipment of both sides will be the responsibility of the buyer, and he/she will pay it from their pocket. Techshark will not pay on your behalf. Moreover, if the customer has ordered a product and rejects/disagrees to accept the product at the time of delivery then 10 to 40 percent of the total amount will be deducted.

Techshark.pk will not entertain any queries regarding the replacement of any product after 7 days from the date of purchase. The product should be returned within the 7 days replacement period.

All the company sealed products cannot be replaced at any cost.

If the customer receives the product with some variation and agrees to use it, it will not be replaced later.

We advise all our valuable customers to re-check the product specifications on the official manufacturer's website as well so the buying process is smooth.

Pictures listed on our website are captured professionally, they may vary with the original product itself as its mentioned at most of the manufacturer's website as well. No replacement will be entertained for this reason.

If there is an issue with the body, screen or the condition of the product, then the customer should notify us within 2 days of purchase so we can return it to our suppliers, these issues will not be entertained in the other 5 days of our 7 days replacement policy.

The product should be returned within the 7 days replacement period. If the product is returned at any later date while the replacement period is expired, Techshark.pk is not accountable/responsible for replacement.

Just give us a call or drop a message on Whatsapp for further details about your product and your return request at +92310-1031111. Techshark.pk Customer Support Service is always there to clear out your concerns, so feel free to contact us.


2) Warranty Claim

Techshark.pk allows its clients to claim warranty on the products, but there are some rules for claiming warranty that everybody has to follow.

One cannot claim warranty on any Speakers, Dead Laptops, Burns, Screen of laptops or tabs, Touch of the screens, Software, Adaptor, Battery, Accidents, Acts of God, thunderbolt, water, fire, public disturbances, voltage fluctuations or any situation beyond the control of Techshark.pk. Techshark.pk does not take any responsibility for all these issues.

Note: "Certified/Factory Refurbished, Open Box" Products may not show warranty on the official manufacturer's website, it can only be claimed by the vendors Techshark has bought the product from. In such condition, the customer can only claim the warranty through Techshark.pk.

The Warranty will become null and invalid in case the ‘Techshark's product' was given to an unapproved service center for servicing. Techshark shall not be responsible for compensations, claims, and damages that may occur from the unofficial repair of the products. Instead of getting it repaired from the unofficial service center, contact us.

You cannot claim warranty via phone, the buyer must have the original receipt of the shopping, and without the receipt, the buyer cannot claim his /her warranty. The warranty is valid only when the guarantee slip/card is accurately completed, and has the evidence of purchase consisting of first buying slip or invoice confirming the day of purchase, model and a serial number of the product.

Techshark.pk holds the right to reject warranty if this information has been eliminated or modified after buying the product from Techshark.

- In case of warranty claim, only the terms & conditions mentioned above will be followed. Verbal or any other form of terms and conditions that differ from those mentioned above will not be regarded. Techshark.pk shall not be accountable for the damage of any stored/saved data in products that are either fixed or replaced. Techshark.pk stores the power to make definitive decisions about problem resolution and the decent service option.

It can take up to 15 to 60 Days for the warranty claim of any product. It depends on the location as well. Once Techshark receives the product that has to be replaced or repaired, the service center will then repair the damaged part and examine the product. Once the product is observed to be performing at expected efficiency, the product will be given to the customer again. Everybody has to wait for two months approximately, Warranty claim charges vary between twenty to fifty percent amount of the product's total cost. Only claims within Conditions and Terms of the warranty will be considered.

Warranty claim charges vary between twenty to thirty percent amount of the product's total cost.

Note: Customer should handover the product to Techshark.pk with at least one month's warranty left if it needs to be claimed internationally.

For further queries and information, email us at info@Techshark.pk.

Team Techshark.pk.